The Hate in Our Religion

Yesterday, the Washington Post had a story revealing the young man who opened fire at a synagogue in California is a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian church. This denomination and mine (the Christian Reformed Church) are part of the Calvinist tradition. You could say our…
Jason Lief
May 2, 2019

Ornamental Cross: Racism and Cheap Grace

Those who think the gospel is being co-opted by a leftist ideology like to throw around the term "social gospel". Bringing the gospel into conversation with social problems like racism or poverty, in their mind, misrepresents the gospel. Jesus came to die for our personal…
Jason Lief
March 15, 2019

Letting Go of the Greater Good

All of the lectionary readings for Advent were blatantly political. Maybe a better way to put it is they were all anti-establishment. Every text was imbedded within a chapter that begins with a reference to the powerful. Luke 21 begins, "He looked up and saw…
Jason Lief
December 28, 2018

Post Election Blues

This past week I took my son and daughter to see Gary Clark Jr., a blues guitarist from Austin Texas. The timing was fitting, it was the day after the election. There I was, in Omaha, NE, listening to the blues. I'm not sure how…
Jason Lief
November 9, 2018

A Syrophoenician Woman and the President

Mark's gospel tells the story of Jesus trying to get away from the crowd, only to be confronted by an unnamed woman. Jesus had just finished arguing with the religious leaders about what makes a person clean or unclean, a discussion prompted by their righteous…
Jason Lief
October 5, 2018