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Jason Lief

Science and Faith

Bearing False Witness: A Response

To publish a book, a person has to have thick skin. It's a risk, after all, putting your words and thoughts out there for others to read. Authors want to start conversations, otherwise we wouldn't write books. Criticism comes with the territory. If you can't…
Jason Lief
July 29, 2019
Science and FaithTheology

Jesus Loves You and Evolution is True, is a new book written by myself, Jason Lief, and my colleague, Sara Tolsma. The purpose of the book is to bring theology and biology into conversation over the topic of evolutionary theory. As young people increasingly have…
Jason Lief
May 9, 2019

The Hate in Our Religion

Yesterday, the Washington Post had a story revealing the young man who opened fire at a synagogue in California is a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian church. This denomination and mine (the Christian Reformed Church) are part of the Calvinist tradition. You could say our…
Jason Lief
May 2, 2019