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James Comey’s Dinner Invitation

An interesting piece in the New York Times compares Comey's experience to what women regularly endure in the workplace, including sexual harassment or sexual assault. The title of the piece is Women Say to Comey: Welcome to out World of Sexual Harassment in the Office.…
Jason Lief
June 9, 2017

Show the Conservatives Some Love

I'm not a conservative. At least I don't think I am. I do hang out with people who are conservative—they are thoughtful at times and very fun to be around. They try to tell me that I'm really a conservative. Maybe? I don't know... I…
Jason Lief
July 29, 2016
Biblical StudiesEssayPolitics

Why Baylor Matters

Women are prominent characters in Luke's gospel.  It begins with Mary, the blessed one through whom grace and hope is born into the world; it ends with women running from the tomb, proclaiming the gospel. In between there are powerful stories that tell of Jesus' encounters with women, like the one who…
Jason Lief
June 3, 2016