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Jason Lief


Palm Sunday and the Immigration Crisis

Satan presents Jesus with three temptations: bread, kingdoms, and miracles. Each of them corresponds to very real temptations facing the Christian community today: economics, politics, and religion. For Jacques Ellul, they all represent a manifestation of coercive power that divides and names. These expressions of…
Jason Lief
April 12, 2019

Ornamental Cross: Racism and Cheap Grace

Those who think the gospel is being co-opted by a leftist ideology like to throw around the term "social gospel". Bringing the gospel into conversation with social problems like racism or poverty, in their mind, misrepresents the gospel. Jesus came to die for our personal…
Jason Lief
March 15, 2019

Believing the Bible: John Calvin

Some in the hyper-literalist camp may not care what Luther says about the bible; they're more interested in having John Calvin on their side. But Calvin's view of scripture is fascinating, in part because he follows Luther rather closely. Like Luther, Calvin's approach to scripture…
Jason Lief
March 1, 2019