Letting Go of the Greater Good

All of the lectionary readings for Advent were blatantly political. Maybe a better way to put it is they were all anti-establishment. Every text was imbedded within a chapter that begins with a reference to the powerful. Luke 21 begins, "He looked up and saw…
Jason Lief
December 28, 2018

The Francis Option

I'll admit, I got duped into signing up for Audible a few months back. I always sign up for promotions and then forget to cancel. A few weeks ago I discovered I had accumulated "credits", so I purchased a lecture series on the life and…
Jason Lief
December 14, 2018

The Small Space

Christianity can falsely be made so severe that human nature must revolt against it in order to cast it or thrust it away. But Christianity can also be made so lenient or flavored with sweetness that all attempts to perk up the appetite and give…
Jason Lief
November 23, 2018

Post Election Blues

This past week I took my son and daughter to see Gary Clark Jr., a blues guitarist from Austin Texas. The timing was fitting, it was the day after the election. There I was, in Omaha, NE, listening to the blues. I'm not sure how…
Jason Lief
November 9, 2018

The Politics of Worship

This morning I propose that the increasing fatalism within the Christian community, the resignation that the world is as it is, is a product of our thin worship. I'm suggesting there a connection between the evangelical yawn in the face of injustice and the hyper-spiritualized…
Jason Lief
October 12, 2018

A Syrophoenician Woman and the President

Mark's gospel tells the story of Jesus trying to get away from the crowd, only to be confronted by an unnamed woman. Jesus had just finished arguing with the religious leaders about what makes a person clean or unclean, a discussion prompted by their righteous…
Jason Lief
October 5, 2018
Biblical StudiesEssay

This is America

The time has come for our politics to die; it has become too sick and twisted to save. Our politics has become infected with privilege as the rich and famous dance on the backs of the poor. Increasingly, the poor are disproportionately sent into wars…
Jason Lief
September 28, 2018